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Struggling with Baby Shower Gifts? We Have All the Answers!

Posted by Cindy Kent & Haley Kennedy on 5/29/2019 to Advice & Info
Struggling with Baby Shower Gifts? We Have All the Answers!

Are you struggling with a gift idea for an upcoming baby shower? Never fear - shower gifts are a slam dunk! Since gifting is our job, we have some solid advice on how to choose a gift (as a group or as an individual) that is perfect for the growing family’s needs.

With most gifts, color can play a big role. It's especially true for a baby gift. If you know the baby sex it's generally okay to stick with traditional pink and blue, however do your research. Many parents these days are opting for gender neutral colors. When in doubt yellow, green, or orange can all be very baby fashion forward!

Many parents these days have registries which are an incredible help; they give you an idea of the direction the parents are going and they also provide easy options that make gifting just a few clicks away. Are you gifting as a group? Choosing the right group gift can be difficult because of the variety of ideas offered by different people from diverse backgrounds. Registries make it easy to choose a gift when people have different perspectives on what a shower gift should be. If this is a group gift, you can all pick your favorite and take a vote.  What’s even better about gifting as a group is you can always go with a big-ticket item. Just make sure that everybody gets credit on the card.

If it's an individual gift, lucky you! You get to choose if you want to buy one item that makes a statement, or several that will help over the long haul and serve different purposes. Buying several items gives you the option to create a one-of-a-kind gift- one of our specialties. Just think of items that compliment one another: a bath themed gift basket could include soap, shampoo, hooded towel, and a manicure set.

Also, it doesn't always have to be just for the baby.  Remember, this is a family that's growing and considering all of its members makes for a really special gift. Create a combination of items that includes the parents and siblings. Maybe mom needs some pampering or chocolates and maybe Dad needs a beer!  And don’t forget about siblings. Some older brothers and sisters have a hard time adjusting to a new baby in the house, so making sure they're not overlooked could be a real gift to the parents that they will surely appreciate.

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