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Denver's A List

Posted by Cindy Kent on 4/22/2016 to News
Denver's A List

Another year has gone by and Denver has voted for their favorites on the A-list. It’s always so much fun to promote it and get votes. This year we came in 6th place.

Now a lot of companies would not brag about 6th place, but given the circumstances I’m pretty darn proud. You see the truth is, we don’t even have a store front. We only ran under gift store because that’s the only category for gifts. Although our location is in a retail spot, we are set up like an artist’s studio. We are on the 3rd floor of the University Building in downtown Denver. Not many people remember vertical retail. In 1910 when our building was built, there were retail business‘s on every floor, mostly jewelers. So we’re in a professional location but don’t have a street presence or a “store front”.

Our customers find us by phone, internet or best of all, word of mouth. We aren’t face to face with them every day and we have no reason for signage to remind them to vote on their way out of the store. We vie for our votes on our social media, website and again – word of mouth. So considering the size of our city and the quality of the competition, after 20 years in business we’re very happy to come in 6th place.

Thanks again to all of you who voted for us. Look out 5th place – we’re aiming for you!

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